Space Science (Big Bang And The Universe)

In our universe,there is numerous big bang and stars are discovered .In this era, scientists and field practitioners did many achievements through hubble telescope and modern telescopes.There is twelve suns revolve every time with faster than light speed.its wonder to know about ones knowledge.”
Knowledge is power.”

It’s look like a blessing in disguise. According to this phenomena,one can know about the best of two worlds.scientists send robotic space ships to get discovery day by day.

When the universe discovered,there was no time available,just only discovered by singularity.scientists did not know about the volume of proton in this universe.if know about proton’s volume, should know the energy and capacity of volume .it’s look like trillions protons gather on a needle. The universe has discovered thirteen millions years ago .In this universe,now hundred millions milky ways are discovered .Every milky way has hundred millions stars and planets which is revolving every seconds with faster than light speed.It has been discovered more information about space science.every planets have numerous moons which can be enlighten the planets and stars. Stars are made up of gases and rocks ,as well as asteroids.Asteriods maybe in different shapes and sizes in the universe. If any falls to the earth ,it will be destroyed in seconds .In this universe,solar system contains nine planets which revolve around the clock. According to the universe, scientists and field experts ,NASA and other departments have worked well. But every moment they struggling with deep knowledge,never complete the discoveries.

Some predictions are circulating around the world that venus and mars have species ,they have very angelic life on their planets .God created numerous species in the universe and in milky way.some are discovered while some still in the process.its can be called to spill the beans.

Even though, universe knowledge and discovries are so deep ,ones can not discover all matters in the universe.At venus and mars, men are very innocent faces and beautiful features.there is no currency at all,men wear same types of dresses and same lifestyles.on these planets ,men can make their own sun and rain whenever they need.death is not as earth death .they have a hole which is made up of iron ,where one sleep ,switch on button then body is burnt with some smoke.its really completely different from Earth’s lives and deaths.

Moreover,one can go to moon with spaceship and observe all data send to Earth.

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